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  • Please specify prefered school (ZŠ Pavlovská or ZŠ Bakalka) to attend club.
    For Active English please specify level of English.

Price list

Club fees per semester are to be paid by: 30.9. and 15.2.

Aktivní angličtina - na míru skupince, zpravidla 350 Kč/h/skupina
Anglický odpolední klub - 5.200 Kč/oba dny
Individuální/skupinová výuka - dle lektora a nájmu: 200-350 Kč/h
School fee is payable by the end of the first week of the clubs via bank transfer:

mBank, BRE Bank S.A.
Marie Baltusová
VS:date of birth (ddmmyy)
Invoice possible on the request.


Mgr.Katarína Mlynáriková

Katarina has a long time experience of working with children as a camp counselor and a hobby club leader. She also led a drama club for people with disabilities for five years. She loves English and is willing to share her knowledge and experiences with other people.

Madri Bučková

Madri is from South Africa where she worked in an aftercare group for young children. She is from a multilingual family (English, Dutch, Afrikaans) and believes this opened many doors for her. In 2005 she completed her TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) diploma and has been teaching English to all ages and stages in Brno. Madri is an advocate for the teacher/child relationship and believes it is only through trust that you can teach and learn from a child. As adults, our biggest assignment is to support, provide and enrich the children around us.

Mgr. Marie Baltusová – ředitelka

Marie is an experienced special needs educator, art teacher and an excellent language tutor (English). During her stay in foreign countries (France, Finland, Australia and New Zealand) she worked with various groups of children. In English speaking countries she worked mainly as a LEOTC educator and a preschool teacher. Experiencing different systems and programs of education .
„Teaching is a dialog between a child and teacher.“


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