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Arts Clubs

Visual Arts Club

We offer a range of various techniques and ideas how to work with art materials and topics. This club is designed for kids who love to create something with their hands and who would like to discover and enrich their art abilities. We will do various techniques of painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture. The club gives you opportunity to develop your fantasy and handicraft. You can also materialize your own ideas and projects with the support of your teacher if you like.

Group of 10-15 kids, age 6 to 12.


In ceramics we will learn how to materialize our ideas of what we want to do in 3 dimensional works. We will learn various modeling and sculpture techniques step by step together with final decoration. Then the variety of possibilities and ideas is limited just by the size of our fire oven. Working with clay has a very calming effect and it is very suitable for any modeling.

Group of 10-15 kids, age 6 to 12.

Little Crafts

It is a club for skillful hands. We will try different kinds of hand crafts, decoration, jewelry, glass painting, origami … and whatever we could need to create beautiful things and gifts that will make us happy and proud.

Group of 10-15 kids, age 6 to 12.

Crafts for preschoolers

This club is a combination of visual arts and ceramics where kids can explore different techniques and develop their creativity. Kids will get familiar with various art materials and ideas so that their skills and creativity grow. Do not hesitate to come with own ideas!

This club is organized for preschool group of 8 to 12 kids
aged 4 to 6 yrs.


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